The Healthcare Business Podcast Series: The Future of Cultured Meat

This week on The Healthcare Business Podcast, George spoke with Ana Vasconcelos, a biologist currently working on her Postdoctoral Fellowship at John Hopkins University. Vasconcelos, from Brazil, has worked in labs all around the world, from Japan to Spain, Brazil, and the United States. She studies molecular biology and works on projects such as creating alternative energy from electric […]

The Healthcare Business Podcast: A Successful Telehealth Transition

On this week’s episode of The Healthcare Business Podcast Kamaar and George sit down with Tina Alecia to talk about the state of the healthcare industry and how it has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic. Tina Alicea is the CFO of HOPE Compassionate Healthcare in Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as a strategic business consultant for her self-made organization, Think Big Biz. Over a […]