Integrating CRM and EHR for B2B Healthcare Marketing

CRM and EHR are both systems which help to manage and optimize patient experience in the healthcare industry. While EHR tracks medical history, CRM stores information about current patients and potential patients to optimize the patient experience. Many hospitals and doctor’s offices know the benefits of using CRM with patients, but overlook the benefits of using CRM to manage […]

How to Blueprint Strategic Marketing Based on Patient Acquisition and Clinical Pathways

nn n n n n n nn n n Marketing is one of the most important aspects of any business. While many marketing strategies are active – meaning they target certain groups with pointed messages, the healthcare industry uses passive marketing – meaning they make their resources available for customers (in this case, patients) and the general need for the service drives […]

The Crucial (and Growing) Role of Social Media in Higher Education

The years that social media was supposed to be a fad are long gone. Today, it’s one of the core communication channels audiences across age groups and demographics use on a daily basis. And yet, too many colleges and universities still ignore its potential impact. Yes, your institution probably has a Facebook page. It might […]

Higher Education Marketing Trends

The higher education world is continuously undergoing through a revolution. The constant changes are affecting the students’ thoughts and opinions regarding further studies and how they think and relate to particular institutions. What is more? Technology is changing and with the changes, come new modes of learning and therefore, higher education institutions including college and […]