The Need For Admissions Workforce Retraining in a Remote Environment

Although remote work has been around for ages, COVID-19 brought it to prominence. The need to become resourceful and act quickly in order to save jobs and companies has forced employers to figure out ways to allow employees to work remotely. Now that most of America are working from home, even when the pandemic subsides, […]

The Crucial (and Growing) Role of Social Media in Higher Education

The years that social media was supposed to be a fad are long gone. Today, it’s one of the core communication channels audiences across age groups and demographics use on a daily basis. And yet, too many colleges and universities still ignore its potential impact. Yes, your institution probably has a Facebook page. It might […]

Understanding Current Trends in College Admissions Marketing, Recruitment, and Technology

Higher education tends to be a lagging industry. That doesn’t mean it stands still. In fact, recent years have seen drastic shifts in how colleges and universities market themselves. Part of it is competition. An increasing number of institutions are competing for a dwindling number of students in states from Pennsylvania to Washington. Another part […]

The Importance of College Admissions Training

Administrators at most colleges are in a state of perpetual concern over the performance of their schools. Is our tuition enough to fund the school’s programs? Is it too high to attract enough students? Do our programs entice the level of student we want? Do we need more programs? Are the ones we have good […]