How Call Centers Enhance Patient Management

Even though there isn’t a single reason why two-thirds of every hospital in the United States makes use of a medical call center (either in-house or outsourced), it’s arguable that their demand is linked with the many benefits—yielding better patient experiences and excellent advantages for hospitals. According to research from a white-paper entitled, “Outsourced Medical […]

Land a Call Center Job Using These Key Skills

Call center agents are crucial to a company’s customer service success. They are the driving wheels of any organization’s customer retention plan, which is why organizations are embracing them. Working at a call center is as satisfying as it is rewarding; you get to work flexible hours, sometimes at the comfort of your home and […]

The Skill Sets that You Need to Get a College Admissions Job

The admissions department at any college or university has an essential job – attracting new students to the institution and making sure they have a great impression of your campus right from the start. Working in college admissions can be a fun and rewarding job for those who have the right skill set. Read on […]

Why Hire a Call Center for Your Institution or Business?

When you’re a small business, every decision you make has to be based on the most efficient way to provide world-class service from a pint-sized budget. Even if you’ve got a thriving little business, every extra drop of profit is usually invested in efficiency and growth strategies. You are always looking for a new way […]