The Need For Admissions Workforce Retraining in a Remote Environment

Although remote work has been around for ages, COVID-19 brought it to prominence. The need to become resourceful and act quickly in order to save jobs and companies has forced employers to figure out ways to allow employees to work remotely. Now that most of America are working from home, even when the pandemic subsides, […]

What Makes a Successful Training Program for College Admissions Professionals?

What Makes a Successful Training Program for College Admissions Professionals? According to a recent¬†Pew Research study, there were 10.2 million college applicants in 2017. Of those 10 million applicants, all but the most competitive private colleges admitted at least 66% of those who applied. This is especially interesting given the general trend in college recruitment […]

The Crucial (and Growing) Role of Social Media in Higher Education

The years that social media was supposed to be a fad are long gone. Today, it’s one of the core communication channels audiences across age groups and demographics use on a daily basis. And yet, too many colleges and universities still ignore its potential impact. Yes, your institution probably has a Facebook page. It might […]

The Rise and Challenges of Online University Recruitment

n The Rise of Online Programs in Higher Education While enrollment in post-secondary education is declining overall, the number of students taking courses online is growing. In 2017, approximately 1 in 6 students exclusively enrolled online. From 2016 to 2017, the number of students taking some online courses grew by 6.4% while the number of students enrolled […]