Online Program Management

In the last decade or so, the quest for learning institutions to provide online educational programs and market their institutions on the internet has soared immensely. With more schools focusing on how they can attract more students, create unique brands, and offer high-end online programs that will add value to learners, it has become imperative for organizations to partner with online program management companies (OPM) to fast-track their growth and gain a competitive edge in the overcrowded market.

While directing prospects to your institution is one thing, getting them to enroll in a program is another task. We understand that most of the challenges that cause lower recruitment rates relate to the quality of the service provided and online visibility. This is why we delve deep into our client’s organizations to find out the various areas that need improvement, and with the help of our creative and authentic efforts that that appeal to your target market.


Working with institutions in the education sector, Engine offers innovative ways to market brands, establish and manage online programs, and accelerate revenue.