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Private practices that are working to grow and scale operations should be celebrated and supported. Expanding a healthcare institution is a huge deal. It’s not easy to change operations, implement new technology, retrain staff, and so on. But sometimes it’s necessary, especially in today’s changing healthcare landscape. Yet so many practices try to initiate growth, only to be left in a bigger hole than when they started, unable to generate the demand they need to thrive.

That is why we’ve created Practice Builder.

Practice Builder is a self-led platform that distills over 10 years of consulting experience and industry research. It was created to help practices initiate growth without making huge, irreversible investments. You shouldn’t have to dump thousands upon thousands of dollars on advice that demands for even more spending and commitment. Our model alleviates that burden by providing a monthly subscription that gives participants the freedom to make as many changes as they need at their own pace.

Through Practice Builder, Engine Systems provides the exact framework that it used to help achieve success for past clients. We helped a urology brand, for example, triple its number of practices from 1 surgical center and 2 locations into 3 surgical centers and 7 locations. We’ve applied this same model to a number of other physicians, specialists, and behavioral health centers, which has proved that the framework is a versatile, approachable solution for practitioners in any field.

Upon registering, participants get access to all the steps and processes needed to plan for, initiate, communicate, execute, and handle new growth. There are lessons, resources, video trainings, supplemental materials for more in-depth research, and more. Each lesson provides actionable guidance delivered in the form of standard operating procedures. We do not believe in vague education that promises vague results. Instead, we back-up every lesson with specific steps that allow you to implement real change.

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Alongside the educational content, Practice Builder is a network for healthcare professionals. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with other providers, listen to success stories on our Practice Builder Podcast, form relationships, and lean on one another for advice (if you want). You can also use the platform to connect with relevant partners and services, such as communication software, CRM, EHR, and other important services needed to run a successful practice.

The material is based upon the foundations of forming clinical pathways, creating strategies for finances and systems, and then properly integrating those systems in order to maximize internal efficiency. Not only does it create streamlined operations, but it emphasizes the patient experience so that patients will enjoy a more cohesive journey from the time they click on your website and all throughout their treatment process. This creates a positive cycle of strengthened operations and strengthened relationships, which leads to more revenue and capability for continued growth.

We have worked hard to ensure that Practice Builder is a user-friendly platform. While the changes it encourages are big, the execution is broken into manageable steps that anyone can follow. Having already enabled other practices to implement these very same steps, we know that they are manageable, achievable, and effective. That being said, users also have the option to lean on Engine Systems for additional assistance and guidance. Planning for growth is a big job, especially when paired with the normal, day-to-day work of running a practice. Because of this, our team of experienced professionals can give varying degrees of support in order to bring your goals to fruition.

This strategy works. Whether you tackle it on your own or lean on Engine’s expertise, It’s worked for past clients and it will work for anyone else who’s willing to put in the time. We at Engine are passionate about empowering practices to grow; let us show you by booking a free demo today.

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