The Need For Admissions Workforce Retraining in a Remote Environment

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Although remote work has been around for ages, COVID-19 brought it to prominence. The need to become resourceful and act quickly in order to save jobs and companies has forced employers to figure out ways to allow employees to work remotely. Now that most of America are working from home, even when the pandemic subsides, it is forecast that working remotely is here to stay. In fact, around 42% of workers now call home their new office! This means something different for each position. For those in the admissions workforce, working remotely presents unique challenges since the bulk of their role involves working and corresponding with potential students. Retraining your admissions team is the key to adapting to a remote work environment.

What Does It Mean to Retrain Employees?

Retraining means giving your employees the tools to learn the new skills needed to adapt to new technologies, procedures, software, etc. Although every new employee receives onboard training, things are bound to change with time, which means that retraining is necessary to keep employees up-to-date on cutting-edge skills.

Retraining employees is an important aspect of any business model. However, your institution may need to invest in off-schedule retraining in order to make sure that your admissions team is up to speed with working remotely. Admissions work traditionally has been extremely dependent on face-to-face communications. Performing admissions tasks remotely means being able to deliver the same results virtually.

Unique Challenges of Remote Work

Your admissions team faces unique challenges when it comes to working remotely. Admissions and recruiting rely heavily on the ability to connect with potential and new incoming students. This means that your admissions personnel must be able to still make meaningful connections and effectively convey the value that your institution offers virtually. Additional challenges include:

  • Lack of in-person supervision

  • Lack of access to data, forms, files, etc.

  • Social isolation

  • Household distractions

  • Inability to access technologies needed to perform necessary job functions

Remote work can be a huge adjustment for some as it takes away all of the creature comforts that an office has, such as the ability to run an issue by your supervisor or a coworker.

Forms of Retraining

There are many different ways you can retrain employees. The good news is that you can choose multiple methods in order to meet every learning style of your employees. Methods of retraining include:

  • Training seminars

  • Handbooks

  • Mock simulations

  • Slide show presentations

The list goes on-and-on and the form of retraining you choose for your admissions team will depend on what works best for your staff.

Benefits of Retraining Your Team for Remote Work

Retraining your team to thrive working remotely will give them the ability to adapt to this new digital-age that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Benefits include:

  • Updated skills – Retraining helps employees develop cutting-edge skills that will not only give employees the ability to thrive but be more productive in the workplace.

  • Higher recruiting rates – Teaching your admissions team how to hold effective virtual meetings, communicate through phone, and email will make your recruitment process more efficient.

  • Stay competitive – Retraining your staff to work in a remote environment means that your institution will remain competitive.


Tips for Making Sure Your Admissions Team Has the Right Tools

In order for your admissions team to be successful in a remote environment, they have to have the right tools. First, make sure that your team has access to all of the files and documents needed. This can be accomplished through a cloud-based, centralized database that all employees can access no matter where they may be working from.

Secondly, each team member should have the necessary technologies. This includes having access to a secure video chat software for personable virtual meetings, and a reliable phone line at the bare minimum.

Lastly, your remote team will need secure access to your institution’s platform including student records, new admissions information, and any other pertinent information.

You may even consider providing your team with a stipend to buy the materials they need such as noise-canceling headphones, laptops, desk, chair, etc. An alternative is to provide these supplies and have them shipped to your employees.

Provide Your Admissions Team with Top-Notch Learning Opportunities

ENGINE understands the challenges of managing and growing institutions. Their team is dedicated to helping institutions gain a competitive advantage by increasing their efficiency and boosting revenue. They offer multiple courses that will make sure your admissions team is ready for the remote world. These include:

  • Accelerator Training and Development – Your team will grow their admissions skill set over four months. Admissions subject matter experts will provide in-depth training on how to move through the student recruitment process. Each participant will be given the opportunity to engage in live role plays, cross country competitions, and even performance optimization huddles.

  • Admissions Accelerator – Includes a Live Two Day Intensive that teaches the keys to generating your own leads, mastering the art of phone conversations, and much more. Following the Live Two Day Intensive, each participant will be provided with 4 online learning modules over a 4-month period of time and online learning social networks.

ENGINE’s Might Network is an innovative way to build a learning experience that is powered by the online community. You can also bring all of your courses together in one place, on any platform!

Make sure that your admissions team is at the top of their game.  Putting off remote retraining for your team can be devastating to your institution. The ability to effectively recruit great students is the lifeblood of your organization. Now is the time to make sure that you are in front of the 8-ball and embrace the use of new technologies and remote methods. Provide your admissions team with the tools they need to thrive in a remote work environment! Let ENGINE accelerate your team’s training. Click here for more information!

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