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The Importance of College Admissions Training

Administrators at most colleges are in a state of perpetual concern over the performance of their schools. Unfortunately, most of their concerns tend to miss the mark. In truth, when colleges outperform their rivals, it's often due to one consistently undervalued factor: their admissions staff. With that in mind, let's discuss where an admissions staff is likely to fall short, and what can be done about those issues.

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Bulls Eye Advertising Planning and Realtime Measurement

Media advertising in the Millennia Age plays a critical role for growth-focused institutions. We invite you to join us for this weekend's panel discussion to learn more about the many ways that ENGINE can help you track your media performance and revolutionize your institution's efficiency. You will hear from leading media executives who will give you a glimpse of how real-time ad measurement will transform tomorrow's advertising landscape.

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Communication Breakdown: Prospecting Today's Student

It is now more important than ever for employers, universities, and businesses to examine the effectiveness of their communication strategies in attracting the talent of the millennial generation; as the workforce acclimates to a new culture of technology, culture, and expectations accompanying millennial entrants, organizations aiming to secure the best and brightest should ensure they are speaking the right language.

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