Land a Call Center Job Using These Key Skills

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Call center agents are crucial to a company’s customer service success. They are the driving wheels of any organization’s customer retention plan, which is why organizations are embracing them.

Working at a call center is as satisfying as it is rewarding; you get to work flexible hours, sometimes at the comfort of your home and get paid at good rates. However, landing contact center roles is not as easy as it seems. There are various skill sets that you will require.

Here’s all you need to know about working and getting promoted at a call center.

How Can You Get a Call Center Job?

Maybe you’ve been unemployed for a while and are looking for customer service roles. Maybe you are looking to further your customer service training.  It could be that you already work at a call center but have been passed up for more promotions than you can count. Whatever your situation is, outlined below are skills that will help you excel in your career.

1.   Lead Prospecting

As a customer service agent, you will be required to generate leads through prospecting. You may think that this is a job for the sales team, but you couldn’t be any more wrong as the core function of the sales personnel is to close sales. Where then do you come in?

The lead generation team will have a segmented list of customers who are either active or dormant, and it will be your job to verify the contacts on that list. You have to re-engage the dormant customers and set up appointments, for the sales team to close the deal. Follow-ups will also be an important part of your job.

Lead prospecting also involves cold calls, where you call potential clients and try to sell them products or services.

2. Sales Time Management and Daily Schedule Segmenting.

Time management skills are vital to any customer service roles. Think about it, your work hours will be flexible, and you could be working remotely. How do you ensure that you spend your time efficiently? Start by creating a standardized process; a simple routine that you will follow on a daily basis.

For instance, you could choose to start with list verification during the morning house and making cold calls during the afternoon. Time management software will be of great help. You could also streamline repetitive tasks by coming up with a framework that can help you save more time.

Daily schedule segmenting will reduce wastage of time, as you will already know what tasks to handle at a particular time. Time tracking is also important to make sure that your time is evenly distributed across all tasks, to avoid spending too much time on one task.

3. Run-rate Management

At the end of the day, what matters is the bottom line. A company has to make profits so that its able to keep operations running and pay its employees. As a call center agent, you will need to understand your company’s current performance and be able to make a prediction of its future performance.

4. Phone Conversation Skill Sets

Your entire career journey is dependent on how polished your phone conversation skills are. Talking to customers on the phone is also difficult, and it’s very easy for conversations to get misinterpreted. What kind of conversational skills do you need?

Hypnotic Conversations Skills — being able to influence the people you call to make the desired action, e.g. make a purchase.

  • Golden Silence — pauses in between calls to give the customer time to take it all in.

  • Active Listening — paying attention to the conversation and taking time to understand what the prospect is saying

  • Controlling what your customers will remember and what they should forget.

  • Refocusing customer attention on their needs to push sales.

  • Overcoming customer objections and gaining their commitment on call.

  • Asking and getting the sale by upselling the customers.

All the above points all work together towards one common objective; to create lasting phone experiences.

How you talk on the phone also matters a lot. You need to adopt a positive tone, and while it may seem cliché, it’s important that you smile. Enthusiasm is contagious, and the customer will feel more comfortable talking to you.

Always call the customer by their name and start by greeting them. Avoid complex phrases and learn to enunciate.

These are skills that you can learn in Customer service training.


Call Center Job Hunting Tips

Job hunting for a call center job is more than polishing up your resume and sending it out to potential employers. You have to prove to your potential employer that you will be of value to their organization.

If you are new to the industry, you have to get the relevant training for your role. Your job description includes provide customer support to existing clients, offer personalized solutions via a call to potential clients and providing delightful experiences to customers.

For those looking to get a promotion at a call center, it’s crucial that you upgrade your skills to match the position you are applying for.

Call Center Career Pathways

Here’s a quick rundown of the career paths you could pursue in a call center.

Customer Service Representative- the job involves interacting with customers on behalf of the company and handling queries, orders or complaints. It can be a remote position.

Customer Success Manager- you get to work with the customer to ensure that they are getting the services they deserve.

Team Leader- you will be in charge of supervising the customer service team.

Chief Customer Officer (CCO)- You will be in charge of a whole service center.

You may start from the bottom of the chain, but as you gain experience and sharpen your skills, you will steadily climb to the top.

Land Your Dream Call Center Job Today.

You are one decision away from landing a call center job. To upgrade your skills or acquire new ones for a contact center role, join the best call center training program and sign up for our training at Agent Academy.

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