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It’s no secret that many private healthcare practices are struggling amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. According to an American Medical Association survey, nearly 70% of private healthcare practices are seeing fewer patients, even with telemedicine. This gap has been catastrophic for practices that were working to grow and scale their practices to see more patients.

Even though the end of the pandemic is in sight, it doesn’t mean that more patients will start automatically appearing. Even before COVID-19, nearly one-third of patients avoided healthcare for a variety of other reasons including financial and psychological barriers, access, and so on. As people’s anxiety about contracting or spreading COVID-19 decreases, there is still a range of excuses that prevent them from seeking needed treatment.

Yet the people who do seek healthcare have more options than ever, and thanks to the internet, more power to find and choose their own providers. As a result, private practices must be diligent in establishing their presence and creating a space that patients feel comfortable committing to.

Engine Systems was founded to help practices do just that- establish their presence and create strong reputations centered around quality patient care. We have been empowering private practices to do so for the past ten years. As a response to the changing healthcare landscape, we have re-developed our strategy in order to serve more people looking to grow and scale their private practices in these trying times.

Engine used to service clients exclusively through consulting retainers. We worked to identify individual pain points and opportunities for growth, and then assisted in implementing those changes. Now, we’ve made our process more accessible by offering a self-led, online platform that anyone can utilize to take growth into their own hands. While we still offer assistance to practices who request it, the Practice Builder platform lays out every single step that we execute with specific instructions on how to do it yourself.

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Our product is based on the concept of clinical pathways. This strategy examines the patient experience from the moment they click on your website to booking appointments, receiving diagnoses and treatment, going through recovery, returning for follow-ups, and continuing relationships. In too many practices, all these steps are fragmented, ambiguous, confusing, and just difficult to navigate. Unfortunately, administrational errors like these are what prevent people from seeking healthcare to begin with, as stated in this national study. In order to rectify this reality and connect people with the care they need, healthcare professionals need to prioritize the administrational processes that surround the care that patients come in for.

Streamlined administrational processes create better experiences for patients, which strengthens relationships, increases attrition, and attracts more people through positive online reviews and word-of-mouth referrals. Beyond that, tightening internal operations creates room for more efficiency, better communication, smoother processes, and increased revenue. Even the best doctors will fall behind if their administrational processes can’t match their quality of care.

Practice Builder covers all of these bases by showing practices how to audit existing operations, identify opportunities for improvement, and implement those changes in timely and effective ways. This instruction is delivered through lessons and step-by-step operating procedures that show you exactly what to do and how to do it. We also connect you with our network of preferred vendors who can give you special access to administrational tools such as communication platforms, CRM and EHR, and other necessary applications.

Not only does Practice Builder focus on creating your ideal clinical pathway, but it also lays out steps to create a financial strategy, optimize internal systems, and integrate those systems. Beyond that, there are built-in communication and training templates that allow your entire team to stay updated and competent with new changes. From contact center representatives to the doctors, every employee in a healthcare practice should be working together towards the same goal. This means maintaining clear communication, guidance, and support so that staff members feel capable and confident in their roles. Not only does this ease internal operations and communication, but it really does make the experience better for guests too.


As desirable as all these benefits are, we understand that implementing organizational change is a huge deal. It takes a lot of hours, research, communication, investment, and energy. Neither Practice Builder nor Engine representatives can relieve these burdens entirely, and we won’t promise you that. What we do promise, however, is guided support that has proven successful for past clients. With the same framework you’ll find in Practice Builder, Engine Systems has successful served a number of healthcare institutions. We’ve helped brands triple their reach by expanding to more practices and surgical centers, and, of course, develop steady patient growth to populate those new centers.

Whether you’re looking to make up for losses from the COVID-19 pandemic, restructure internal operations to achieve greater efficiency and attrition, or grow your multiply your presence by establishing new practices, Practice Builder will help you achieve your goals. In fact, we guarantee a 20% increase in patients in the first 90 days.

To learn more about practice builder, reach out to Engine Systems and book a free demo. You can also listen and subscribe to our Practice Builder podcast to hear the kinds of people that we serve, work with, and learn from. To learn more about the topics we cover in Practice Builder, browse our blogs and white papers, and follow our social media accounts to keep up with informational videos, announcements, and more.

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