How to Grow and Scale Your Private Practice

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Time and time again, we at Engine Systems have seen well-managed, successful healthcare practices expand their locations, only to experience patient shortages and unexpected struggles. Having a successful establishment in one location does not necessarily mean that you are guaranteed success at another. So how can practices reconcile this reality and initiate successful growth?

Perhaps one of the most import pieces of advice we can offer is this; don’t expect growth if you’re not willing to work for it. Buying another building and putting the same name on it does not necessarily mean that more people will start showing up. An established brand might be popular in one community but not popular in another. In fact, that should be expected. What separates successful growth from failed attempt is not the pre-established reputation, but the continued work that a private practice is willing to put in to connect with and care for more patients.

Engine Systems have been helping private practices expand and reach more patients for the past decade. In our experience working with clients, we’ve come to learn the most common yet avoidable ways in which practices fail to meet their goals, and we’ve helped those same practices initiate changes to see them through. Our methods are based on industry experience, constant research, and networking, which have all established our proven approach that has grown and evolved with the changing healthcare landscape. You can see more of this research and networking in action by reading our weekly white papers and subscribing to the Practice Builder podcast, where we discuss actionable advice with industry professionals.

Using the same framework that you’ll find in Practice Builder, Engine Systems has served several high-profile clients and helped one brand in particular triple its number of practices from 1 surgical center and 2 locations into 3 surgical centers and 7 locations.

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Practice Builder distills all our knowledge into a user-friendly, self-paced learning platform that you can access through a monthly subscription. By signing up, you can follow the exact same process that Engine has used to help past clients, plus benefit from additional resources and networking opportunities with other healthcare professionals.

Our methods heavily emphasize modern patients and the changing expectations they maintain when seeking healthcare. In the past, referrals drove patients from one provider to the next, and people often committed to local doctors that have strong word-of-mouth reputations. More recently, however, people have been taking their healthcare searches into their own hands by leveraging online research to find the best practice that fits their specific needs. Nowadays, organizational websites and reviews from patients are just as important as the health care itself. We at Engine understand that along with the many nuances of modern-day healthcare, and we help practices leverage these changes to get ahead of those who don’t.

Our curriculum is designed around the patient experience, starting with how and where they find out about your practice, all the way to their follow-up appointments post-treatment. By designing a smooth clinical pathway that makes the healthcare process easier for patients, they will have better experiences, stay with your practice, write good reviews, and encourage others to come.

We do not believe in surface-level work that gets isolated influxes of patients. Instead, we re-evaluate internal processes and set practices up for lasting growth. This enhancement comes from a range of action points, including but not limited to advertising, administrational processes such as booking and billing, contact center operations, software integration, and more. We provide you with best practices for every facet there is. Not only will this help you gain and keep more patients, but it will also help you maximize organizational efficiency. Thankfully, patient experience and streamlined operations work together to create a positive cycle, and once you find your rhythm with each aspect, you will see just how effective they are at growing and scaling your business.

Reach out to Engine Systems today to learn how you can use Practice Builder to grow your practice. By booking a free demo, you can learn exactly what to expect in Practice Builder and begin forming relationships with the Engine professionals who run it. You can also follow us on social media to stay up-to-date with news, resources, and more.

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