Why Did We Create Practice Builder? 

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Engine Systems has been in business for a whole decade now,
serving private practices through project management, high-performance consulting, and growth management. As we’ve worked within the healthcare industry, we noticed a pattern: private practices want to grow and adjust to the changing healthcare landscape, but many do not have the resources to make large investments towards this goal.

This doesn’t mean that they should have to fall behind or wait to figure things out themselves. Medical professionals entered their profession to help people, not to run businesses. Unfortunately, the modern landscape requires both. Because of this, Engine Systems has adapted a practical avenue for growth that healthcare professionals can utilize to expand their practice with the help of Engine’s resources, insights, processes, and guidance.

Engine Systems has synthesized the knowledge and experience we’ve accumulated over the years into our new Practice Builder System. This system presents itself in the form of an online network where private practice owners can access resources, blueprints, and community as they take on the task of expanding their reach.

For a monthly subscription, users have access to all the processes that Engine has offered to past clients. This includes:

Pinpointing and implementing specific changes needed to expand
Measuring results to identify areas of improvement
Optimizing patient funnels
Streamlining administrational processes And plenty more!

This is a self-led platform, but users can also reach out to Engine for additional service and guidance if need be. We are so sure of this new process that we guarantee practices a 20% increase in new patient generation, all within the first 90 days.

Our goal is to enable private practices to grow and scale their operations. Whether that’s expanding locations, bringing in new patients, or both, Practice Builder will help professionals get there through a holistic, business-centric approach. Beyond that, it will also introduce avenues to properly manage new growth, from marketing and staff training to contact center tips and plenty more. These strategies have come from our collective experience, market research, past interactions, and we’ve decided to share everything we know so that private practices can take growth into their own hands.

To learn more about Practice Builder and the ways it can help your organization, reach out to Engine systems to book a free demonstration.  

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