The Higher Ed Podcast Series: The Four S’s of Resilience

This week on The Higher Ed Podcast, George and Kamaar speak with Donna Volpitta, Founder and Director of Education at Pathways to Empower. Pathways to Empower uses courses to teach students, parents, and educators how to build resilience to foster mental health. Volpitta has used her experience raising 4 adolescents to author a book on resilience, advise on education boards, and ultimately found Pathways to Empower. Donna […]

Elizabeth Fogle’s 4 Cs of Career School On-Boarding

The Higher Ed Podcast team recently had the opportunity to sit down with our first repeat guest, Dr. Elizabeth Fogle, PhD., Corporate Director of Academic Affairs at Education Evolve. With over 12 years in the industry, she’s served in various roles across higher education, from adjunct professor to Vice President of Academics, and she had tons […]

The Higher Ed Podcast Series: Re-evaluating the Traditional  

Despite the traditional idea of a four-year college, alternative education options are becoming more popular as time progresses and because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read The Higher Ed Podcast’s guest Shannon Cobourn describe her insider perspective on the matter here.