The Difference Between Traditional and Non-Traditional Students

We all know the stereotypical vision of a college student. They’re eighteen years old and they’re leaving home for the first time. Their high school car is packed full, using every square inch to fit all the things they might need for their new college life. Their parents will drop them off, however far they might go, and […]

5 Ways to Effectively Market to Nontraditional Students in 2021

COVID-19 threw everyone for a loop in 2020, and because of the effect the pandemic had on the individual and economic level, adults are focused more than ever on going back to school. Whether the goal is to train for a new career or get a leg up in their own field, adult learners, or […]

The Importance of College Admissions Training

Administrators at most colleges are in a state of perpetual concern over the performance of their schools. Is our tuition enough to fund the school’s programs? Is it too high to attract enough students? Do our programs entice the level of student we want? Do we need more programs? Are the ones we have good […]