The Difference Between Traditional and Non-Traditional Students

We all know the stereotypical vision of a college student. They’re eighteen years old and they’re leaving home for the first time. Their high school car is packed full, using every square inch to fit all the things they might need for their new college life. Their parents will drop them off, however far they might go, and […]

5 Ways to Effectively Market to Nontraditional Students in 2021

COVID-19 threw everyone for a loop in 2020, and because of the effect the pandemic had on the individual and economic level, adults are focused more than ever on going back to school. Whether the goal is to train for a new career or get a leg up in their own field, adult learners, or […]

What is Practice Builder?

Private practices that are working to grow and scale operations should be celebrated and supported. Expanding a healthcare institution is a huge deal. It’s not easy to change operations, implement new technology, retrain staff, and so on. But sometimes it’s necessary, especially in today’s changing healthcare landscape. Yet so many practices try to initiate growth, only to […]

The Importance of the Patient Experience

Like all things must, the healthcare industry is changing and evolving. As the healthcare market becomes more and more saturated with options, patients are taking increasing control over what they choose. From growing numbers of providers to the telehealth and concierge services they offer, patients now have the authority to find exactly what they want- and why shouldn’t they? Healthcare is a serious topic that may lead to significant life changes. It’s only natural that patients seek providers who make […]

Should Private Practices Invest in Paid Advertising?

Intro As the healthcare market evolves, more and more private practices are investing in more aggressive marketing strategies. Some are hiring outside firms to help them, others are hiring internal marketing staff, and others are just trying to figure it out for themselves. Regardless of how practices decide to approach their marketing techniques, these actions will cost something. It might be money for […]

How Call Centers Enhance Patient Management

Even though there isn’t a single reason why two-thirds of every hospital in the United States makes use of a medical call center (either in-house or outsourced), it’s arguable that their demand is linked with the many benefits—yielding better patient experiences and excellent advantages for hospitals. According to research from a white-paper entitled, “Outsourced Medical […]

Why You Should Prioritize Customer Experience

There is a major culture shift happening across all markets right now – customer experience. As more and more options become available through online shopping, online degrees, telehealth services, and more, consumers have room to be pickier in their searches. What’s more, once customers settle on a particular option, they’re less likely to change their decision and start their searches all over again. Because of this, […]