How to Grow and Scale Your Private Practice

Time and time again, we at Engine Systems have seen well-managed, successful healthcare practices expand their locations, only to experience patient shortages and unexpected struggles. Having a successful establishment in one location does not necessarily mean that you are guaranteed success at another. So how can practices reconcile this reality and initiate successful growth? Perhaps one of the most import pieces of advice we can […]

Who is Practice Builder For?

It’s no secret that many private healthcare practices are struggling amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. According to an American Medical Association survey, nearly 70% of private healthcare practices are seeing fewer patients, even with telemedicine. This gap has been catastrophic for practices that were working to grow and scale their practices to see more patients. Even though the end of […]

The Importance of the Patient Experience

Like all things must, the healthcare industry is changing and evolving. As the healthcare market becomes more and more saturated with options, patients are taking increasing control over what they choose. From growing numbers of providers to the telehealth and concierge services they offer, patients now have the authority to find exactly what they want- and why shouldn’t they? Healthcare is a serious topic that may lead to significant life changes. It’s only natural that patients seek providers who make […]

Should Private Practices Invest in Paid Advertising?

Intro As the healthcare market evolves, more and more private practices are investing in more aggressive marketing strategies. Some are hiring outside firms to help them, others are hiring internal marketing staff, and others are just trying to figure it out for themselves. Regardless of how practices decide to approach their marketing techniques, these actions will cost something. It might be money for […]

Why Did We Create Practice Builder? 

Engine System’s new Practice Builder puts everything we know about the healthcare industry into a blueprint that anyone can access in order to grow their business and patient outreach. Learn more about how you can take charge of your practice’ss growth and success.

Should Doctors be Influencers?

By now, you’ve probably heard or seen posts from a major healthcare influencer, such as Dr. Sanjay Gupta or Dr. Mikhail Varshavski (aka Dr. Mike) on your social media feeds. In the past few years, more and more doctors are engaging with social media. And some of their audiences are growing wildly by the thousands and even millions. Having a platform can be an opportunity to share important medical information. But it also provides an opportunity […]

The Healthcare Business Podcast Series: The Future of Cultured Meat

This week on The Healthcare Business Podcast, George spoke with Ana Vasconcelos, a biologist currently working on her Postdoctoral Fellowship at John Hopkins University. Vasconcelos, from Brazil, has worked in labs all around the world, from Japan to Spain, Brazil, and the United States. She studies molecular biology and works on projects such as creating alternative energy from electric […]

The Healthcare Business Podcast: A Successful Telehealth Transition

On this week’s episode of The Healthcare Business Podcast Kamaar and George sit down with Tina Alecia to talk about the state of the healthcare industry and how it has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic. Tina Alicea is the CFO of HOPE Compassionate Healthcare in Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as a strategic business consultant for her self-made organization, Think Big Biz. Over a […]