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Aveda Institutes Admissions Cohort - 2019


Grow your Admissions skill set, Communicate Effectively, Grow Enrollments!

At the core of Academy is our training and development philosophy. We believe that in order to service the workers of the future we must first be able to understand their needs, desires, and goals. At Academy, over four months you will learn to master the art of communicating with, motivating, and moving to action potential students so that they may take the first step in becoming tomorrow’s future. You will learn from admissions subject matter experts who will demonstrate appropriate communication skill sets, and help guide you through the student recruitment conversation. You will be enabled to participate in live role plays, cross country competitions, and monthly performance optimizations huddles. Our training facilitators will support you through weekly phone huddles and on-demand skill set fine tune calls. Each month your assigned training expert will lead you through a live video accelerator of the content taught in that months curriculum.

Registration Opens 08/28/2019

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Collaborate and Win with Peers from all around the world!

Through our collaboration with Mighty Networks, Academy is the simplest way to build a thriving community with all the content, online courses, subscriptions, and more–all in one place. Our Mighty Network is available to all members on any device–mobile web, desktop web, a native Mighty iOS app, and a native Mighty Android app. Each member will have direct access to our training and development team via direct message, whil also having the ability to communicate, compete, share files, images, and videos with all members within the Aveda Academy.

At your pace online learning!

Academy is designed for the busy admissions professional! We understand the scheduling constraints that admissions professionals deal with and that students always come first! While there are live aspects of the Academy, all sessions are archived and can be accessed via app or portal to view or review at a later time. A blue print for every concept in the form of standard operating procedure, guide, or script is always available for download.

The Aveda Admissions Academy will cover the following topics and will host the following training outline:

Training Outline

Online Learning Content [audio, video, and readable content]

Weekly Performance Huddles

Monthly Live Video Accelerator

On-demand 1on1 Skill Set Fine Tune Calls (two per program)

Open Forums & Unlimited social collaboration

Kep Concepts

Month 1: Increasing On-Campus Tour Volume

Month 2: Creating a Competitive Advantage [Differentiating Aveda]

Month 3: Mastering on Campus & Community Events

Month 4: Nurturing Students to Start

Registration Closes 09/16/2019