The Healthcare Business Podcast: A Successful Telehealth Transition

On this week’s episode of The Healthcare Business Podcast Kamaar and George sit down with Tina Alecia to talk about the state of the healthcare industry and how it has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic. Tina Alicea is the CFO of HOPE Compassionate Healthcare in Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as a strategic business consultant for her self-made organization, Think Big Biz. Over a […]

Why You Should Prioritize Customer Experience

There is a major culture shift happening across all markets right now – customer experience. As more and more options become available through online shopping, online degrees, telehealth services, and more, consumers have room to be pickier in their searches. What’s more, once customers settle on a particular option, they’re less likely to change their decision and start their searches all over again. Because of this, […]